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5 Months weekly maintenance
  • Opening
  • 20 cleaning visits
  • Winterization
  • 1 Winter care visit
  • Chemicals included
Service description
Weekly maintenance
  • Opening
  • 16 cleaning visits
  • Winterization
  • 1 Winter care visit
  • Chemicals included
Service description
Opening and Winterization
  • Opening
  • Winterization
  • Chemicals included
Service description
Bi-weekly maitenance
  • Opening
  • 10 bi-weekly cleaning visits
  • Winterization
  • Chemicals included
Service description

Why choose us?

Quality of chemicals and products
We work with the best trade suppliers to ensure that every chemical and product that reaches our customer is coming straight from established manufacturer, properly handled and of the highest quality
Proactive service
Our technicians provide service that is focused on prevention rather then fighting the consequences of most issues associated with quality of water and maintenance of equipment
We strive to provide timely service for our customers. No delays or long waitlists

Maintenance services

We are happy to offer other maintenance and cleaning services!
  • One-time cleaning visits
    Starting at $140

    Just for that one time when you need a little bit of extra help!
  • Acid washing, chlorine washing, pressure washing the pool
    Starting at $800
    Our experienced team will ensure that your pool is back to be sparkling blue no matter the condition in record time.
  • Winter care visit
    Starts at $150
    We will make sure that all your pool's needs are met even if it is covered. For the best results in the Spring.
  • Pool opening and Closing
    Starting at $400
    30 minutes of cleaning and chemicals included

Service description

  • Pool opening
    • Pool cover is removed, folded and stored
    • Cover anchors secured down
    • Winterization plugs removed
    • Skimmer baskets, return fittings, cleaner robot, handrails and ladders installed in dedicated spot
    • Filtration system drain plugs and filter are secured, gas and power turned on, system started
    • 40 minutes of cleaning: Skimming the surface, brushing, vacuuming
    • All equipment and pool are thoroughly inspected, recommendations and concerns are addressed with the owner
    • Pool is chlorinated, Ph is adjusted, Salt level is tested, up to 3 bags of salt included if needed
  • Pool closing
    • Water level is lowered 12"-18" for gunite pools, 3" below the skimmer throat for vinyl liner, fiberglass and above-ground pools
    • Skimmer baskets, return fittings, cleaner robots, handrails and ladders are removed and stored
    • Pool plumbing is emptied and winterization plugs, stoppers installed. Valves are air locked if possible
    • Filters are hosed down/backwashed
    • Filtration system is drained of water, drain plugs removed, gas and power turned off
    • Antifreeze and algaecide added
    • Cover anchors lifted and cover installed
  • Cleaning visit
    • Skimmer and pump baskets emptied, cleaner robot containers cleaned
    • Equipment is inspected to ensure proper operation, pool is inspected for any safety concerns
    • Pool is brushed, surface skimmed and bottom is vacuumed
    • All major chemical levels are tested and adjusted: Chlorine, Ph, Alkalinity, Calcium hardness, Cyanuric acid (stabilizer), Salt level
    • Salt cell cleaning
    • Filters are hosed down/backwashed as needed
  • Acid wash, chlorine wash, pressure wash.
    • Pool is emptied
    • Hydrostatic plugs removed
    • Debris removed
    • Appropriate chemicals applied and surface pressure washed
    • Pool is inspected, owner is notified of all findings
  • Winter care visit
    • Cover is cleaned, debris removed
    • Leaves and debris blown off the deck
    • Water level lowered
    • Pool and filtration system inspected
    • Antifreeze, algaecide and chlorine added