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We all know the benefits of having a pool that is ready to use on a hot summer day. Well... as long as it does not leak. If you suspect that your pool has a leak it deserves your full attention. While in a lot of cases water loss is caused by minor leaks on filtration systems, small cracks around wall fittings or missing grout in the skimmer, others might end up being a damage on the underground plumbing resulting in a costly repair.
Pool leakage is costing you money in lost water and chemicals, it undermines the structure of the deck, weakens the pool shell and other installations around it all of which increases the cost greatly in the long run. Some of the signs that your pool is leaking:
- You are adding water multiple times a week
- You have an auto fill and your water bill increases
- Grass and plants around the area are dying
- Your pool deck is sinking, cracking or lifting
Our team is experienced and specialized in a pool and spa leaks and over the years we have established our special methods and procedures. In the process we are using the latest equipment in the industry such as: line locators, leak locators, snake cameras combined with experience and sometimes conventional methods our techs will make sure your troubles disappear.

Leak detection and repair process

Leak survey
Our team examines pool's structure, filtration system, fittings, skimmers etc for any obvious causes of water loss
Dye test
Dye tested is administered around all areas of concern and will show the most significant leaks
Pressure test
All pool plumbing is pressure tested to find out which line is losing pressure, therefore it will be the one that is losing water
Location of the leak
Using the latest and most advanced equipment our team will pin point the leak location before starting the repair
Part of the ground and/or deck is removed to reach the line, repair is made on the section of the pipe that has a leak, line is pressure tested again and the hole is covered back up. We will place back the pavers or repair the area of the deck that had to be lifted up
Loose material around return fitting is causing a loss of 2" of water a day
Builder used flex pipe for underground line which over time got damaged and started losing water
Old tear was not patched properly causing water loss
Deck setting caused a lot of pressure on this line eventually cracking the elbow
Improper backfill around plumbing lines results in too much stress on pipes causing them eventually to crack
Old skimmer has a big crack causing water loss
Improper pipe layout during construction caused one of the fittings to eventually crack
Leak under the skimmer and Paramount leaf trap caused by settling of the deck. Both had to be replaced in order to reach and eliminate the leak