Free Consultation
We are happy to provide service and repairs to a wide variety of water features, pumps, splash pads, hot tubs, fountains etc. If you need any service of anything mentioned above feel free to reach out to our team and we will provide you with a free consultation and assistance in resolving the issue
Hot tubs
  • Start up
  • Winterization
  • Regular maintenance
  • Diagnostics and repairs
  • Service and replacement of equipment such as: Motors, Heaters, Displays, Filters
Fountains and water features
  • Start up and winterization
  • Regular maintenance
  • Service calls
  • Equipment replacement and installation
  • Structural replacement
  • Surface rennovations
Splash pads
  • Regular maintenance
  • Service and repairs
  • Start up and closing
  • Equipment installation and repairs

Why choose us?

Quality of chemicals and products
We work with the best trade suppliers to ensure that every chemical and product that reaches our customer is coming straight from established manufacturer, properly handled and of the highest quality
Proactive service
Our technicians provide service that is focused on prevention rather then fighting the consequences of most issues associated with quality of water and maintenance of equipment
We strive to provide timely service for our customers. No delays or long waitlists